Not just riding lessons

Life lessons

Our goal is to teach people about horses.  In turn, the horses teach all of us about life.  Some clients ride for fun or relaxation, but for others it becomes so much more.   It's the life lessons, the family we become, and the mental and physical health that riding offers us.

From a parent, Dec 2019:  "The day she started riding lessons, I thought it may be a fun hobby for her. Little did I know the amazing life lessons it would teach my daughter. She has learned how to be a team with a teammate that sometimes doesn’t want to work. She has learned compassion, for horses and the people who ride them. She has learned hard work, the kind that involves cleaning stalls, feeding, washing, trudging through snow and mud. She has learned that it isn’t always about the first place ribbons, but more about personal growth. She has learned to put another’s needs before her own, knowing that is the road to success. She has learned to be confident and how to lead. She has learned how to listen and take criticism.  

She has grown into an amazing woman throughout this journey. I am so grateful for that first lesson. It became so much more than a Christmas gift." 

We currently have two wonderful school horses that we consider the REAL instructors here.  They both ride english or western and have been shown by our students at the local county fair, won awards at the State 4H Expo and our local open shows, and have competed successfully on the local high school equestrian team. 

Why Creekview?  We offer a well thought out step-by-step plan based on safety, riding skills, and horse science and management knowledge that creates riders who are adaptable, positive, progressive, and goal oriented.  We've spent 30 years developing this program and are constantly revising and improving our system.  Our facility is safe, bright, warm, and our student group is friendly, positive, and supportive.  We're amazed every day how lucky we are to work with such a wonderful group of people. 

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If you have questions, we'd be happy to help!  Some frequently asked questions:

What age do we start riders?  8 years old

Do I need my own horse?  No, our school horses are great confidence boosters.

What do I need to get started?  We require that all students have their own helmet, long pants, and boots with a heel.  If you don't currently have a helmet, our onsite retail store can help you choose one and will get it adjusted correctly.

Can I haul my own horse over to participate in group lessons?  Yes!  After your introductory lesson, we'll let you know which group would fit you the best.

Do you offer classes all year?  Yes!  Our heated barn and indoor arena allow us to continue giving lessons even when it's blowing and snowing outside.

Do students learn anything besides riding?

Absolutely!  Students will receive a well-rounded education in everything horse.  And lots of life lessons that they can carry with them.

Multiple ways to learn


Clinics, Seminars, Online Learning

Bring your own horse to tackle a problem or learn something new!

Riding Lessons on our school horses

Throughout the year, we offer clinics and seminars at our farm on multiple topics.  

We can also travel for clinics with 4H, local open show groups, or barn groups who want to learn!



Riding Lessons on our school horses

Bring your own horse to tackle a problem or learn something new!

Riding Lessons on our school horses

Our Lesson Curriculum includes 7 Levels from beginner to apprentice trainer programs. We focus on safety, balance, and the ability to understand equine psychology. We also analyze the effect the rider has on proper equine biomechanics in order to promote longevity in the careers of our horses. Students learn at their own speed, with instruction in riding, advanced ground handling, and horse science.


Bring your own horse to tackle a problem or learn something new!

Bring your own horse to tackle a problem or learn something new!

Bring your own horse to tackle a problem or learn something new!

Haul in riders welcome!

Bring your own horse for one of our group lessons or for private help with a specific issue.  

Join a group of positive, supportive people in your journey to improve your horsemanship skills.


Owner & Director of Riding Programs

What started as a few part time lessons in high school for gas money has turned into a 30 year career for Noelle Weis, Owner & Director of Riding Programs at Creekview RIding Center.

Since the beginning, the focus has been on helping students understand the psychology and biomechanics of horses.  Noelle continues to search for new information that will help students learn about horses and riding.

Noelle is a carded judge for the Wisconsin 4H, Wisconsin Interscholastic Horsemanship Association, and the Wisconsin Horse Council.  She also serves on the judges committee for the WI Horse Council. 


2018 Student photos

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